The Wisdom of Shared Fields
for solving conflicts in families and in social and political groups.
How they contribute to understanding and to transforming destructive mass phenomena.

Beyond our firmly established beliefs about individual, social nd political development, something new has recently begun to emerge. The wisdom of our shared fields, in which we all participate and which bind us more intimately than we ever might have imagined.

The astounding effects of collective intelligence are appearing as a topic world wide, in the natural sciences as well as the social sciences, under such names as: group-wisdom, cointelligence, transpersonal-creative knowledge or the zeropoint field. In various areas of enquiry, information from a shared field offers solutions that extend far beyond the best efforts of an individual and, at the same time, exercise a strong developmental influence on the individual.

This shared wisdom has immediate, practical importance. The shared field phenomena are being researched and utilized to create solutions based on a more complete and more human foundation in many areas: in new approaches to therapy such as in the new, expanded development of family constellations as well as other transpersonal methods, in peace and reconciliation work, in communal initiatives for the improvement of local politics, in business, political advisement, and in art, music and theatre as well.

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